Upcoming gigs and workshops 2019


July 7th at 7.30pm - Jumble Hole Mill. Join us for a joint concert with Zarebi and the Sätteli sisters at an event by Hebden Bridge Open Gardens. We will also be serving traditional Georgian snacks! Please get in touch for bookings. 


Previous Events 2018/19

May 10th - Hebden Bridge, folk festival. 

Sat 16th Feb,Workshop with Malkhaz Ervanidze

I would be thrilled if you could join Zarebi Georgian Women's choir to take part once again in a Georgian singing workshop for men and women, on Saturday 16th February 10-4pm at the Birchcliffe Centre in Hebden Bridge.We are very excited to announce the return of Malkhaz Erkvanidze, one of Georgia’s most highly regarded Georgian song masters, director of the ensemble Sakhioba and founder of the Anchiskhati choir. 

Georgian polyphonic singing was declared part of UNESCO in 2001 and was described as part of the 'Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity'. Its appeal is because of its immense beauty, unusual and mysterious harmonies and ability to connect with other singers and feel connected to oneself and the universe. 

Workshop description and about Malkhaz Erkvanidze

In this workshop we have the privilege of being taught by one of Georgia’s best known directors. We will learn folk songs from different regions of Georgia.

During the day there will be space for a question and answer session, where you can put your questions to Malkhaz, giving the opportunity to find out more about Georgian song - you may wish to know more about Georgian song in relation to e.g. spirituality, history and the remarkable survival of Georgian song against the odds. 

Who is the workshop for? 

The workshop is more appropriate for people who are regular and/or  fairly confident singers.

Malkhaz Erkvanidze

Malkhaz Erkvanidze was born into a traditional family of folk singers. At age 14 his father took him to a Sanarvardo rehearsal with famous singer and chant master Benia Mikadze. This rehearsal completely changed Malkhaz’ world view and he began to quickly progress toward music professionalism, studying under exemplary instructors and ethnomusicologists.
 Today Malkhaz is one of Georgia's most highly regarded masters of song. He is an ethnomusicologist, a jazz pianist and also holds a PhD in social sciences.
 It is no exaggeration to say that through his life long dedication to research and implementation, Malkhaz has had a huge impact on the restoration and actual revival of authentic traditional Georgian music. 

During the soviet regime, Georgian song was forcibly forbidden, and it only through the incredible bravery of individuals during this dark period, that some chants and songs survived at all. However with the deaths of so many old masters, died centuries old knowledge, and it is only through the studying of old recordings, texts and research trips to remote villages that songs can be newly discovered and the mysteries slowly pieced together. Now a revival in Georgian song is taking place, including the founding of music schools for children to learn Georgian song and become the next generation to carry on this important legacy. 

The musical activities and revival of Georgian song with Malkhaz and piers is strongly associated with a strong revival of national identity and Georgian arts. 

It is the goal of Malkhaz and Sakhioba to continue the revival and restoration of traditional Georgian music and dance, through tours, concerts, workshops, CD’s, and by sharing the creative experience of master singers and chanters living in present day Georgia, with a wider audience like yourselves. 


The workshop will run from 10am until 4pm with a break for lunch and one or two shorter breaks if needed. The cost of the workshop is £25 and £20 concession (low-income) Refreshments- juice, tea, coffee, biscuits will be included. 


The Birchcliffe Centre 
Hebden Bridge

The workshop will be in the main hall which as well as being an impressive and beautiful room, also has great acoustics. There is a fully functioning kitchen available. There is disabled access into and around the building and disabled parking. 

Getting there and parking

If you are driving or walking, the venue is approx half way up Birchcliffe Road (towards Dod Naze) on the left hand side (approx 10 min walk from Hebden Bridge’ main square) Be aware that the road is steep! 
If you don’t fancy the walk you can get the 595 bus from the bottom of the hill (commercial street) or if you have come on the train, then the 595 bus leaves from the train station- tell the driver to drop you off at the Birchcliffe. Or you can get a taxi from the taxi rank, by the cinema in the centre of Hebden (01422 88 5544) 
There is car parking at the venue, but note- the car park is not on Chapel Avenue (a very narrow cul-de-sac) but the next left just after the Birchcliffe Centre 40 metres up the hill.


Advance booking only as places are limited.
To book or for queries, please get in touch via email: helen.bigearsmusic@gmail.com
or phone to Helen - 07903074674, or Beryl -  01422 843612
 Advance payment is requested,  via bank transfer, cash or cheque. 


If you are planning a stay in Hebden Bridge, The Hebden Bridge Hostel (Mama Wierdigan's) is conveniently situated directly behind the Birchcliffe Centre, see their website for details- hebdenbridgehostel.co.uk

I look forward to you getting in touch and hope to see you there! 


Helen Curtis and Zarebi


7th October-Zarebi performance @ Wainsgate Chapel

6th October -Georgian Singing Workshop, lef by Helen Curtis @ The Birchcliffe Centre, Hebden Bridge

4th-18th August- Helen attending workshop tour, under tuteledge of Malkhaz Ervanidze and memberd of the Sakhioba Ensemble. 

14th July- Performance at Vrångsholmen, Sweden.

10th June- Open air performance at Land Farm Gardens

24th March- Performance at The Octagonal Chapel, Heptonstall.